Time to pass the baton

I love to create.  I find inspiration in a great many things.  This creation has been magnificent.  The friendships, knowledge, and opportunity that has come my way as a result of starting this group has been phenomenal.  I encourage everyone to lead the way and start something!

With that, I now must commit myself to a new project.  I am launching my own business (still under wraps) so I cannot give this the attention it deserves.  My good friend, Big Orange Michael, has been around since day one and is well equipped to take on the leadership of the Middle Tennessee Bloggers’ and Podcasters’ Group and has graciously accepted the responsibility.

I will certainly continue to participate in monthly meetings but can no longer facilitate or lead the group.  I appreciate the trust and commitment that you have shown over the years and look forward to working with each of you in my new role as Director of Sales and Marketing for the new, soon to launch, business.

Please welcome Big Orange Michael to the podium.


Meet-Up this Saturday

Yes, I know it’s late notice and I know that gas prices are sky-high.  But if you’re in or around the Smyrna area Saturday and want to hang out with some of MIddle Tennessee’s bloggers and podcasters, we’d love to see you.

The meeting will take place this Saturday, June 14th at 2 p.m. CST at Espresso Joe’s.

Driving by Espresso Joe’s the other day, I saw it is under new management.  So, hopefully it will be around as a place to meet for years to come.

Here’s some more detailed info on where Joe’s is…

901 Rock Springs Road
Smyrna, TN 37167
Map This Location
(615) 220-2870

Police in St. Louis Seek Joy and Jackie Tucker in case of the abuse of Ervin Tucker, 87 years old

South County Police in St. Louis are seeking the wife and step-daughter of 87 year old Ervin Tucker for questioning after x-rays taken reveal fractures to the rib cage and visible signs of abuse, including bruising.

Wife Joy and step-daughter Jackie are believed to have neglected and abused the 87 year old man repeatedly. If you have any information on the whereabouts of either, please contact the south county police at (314) 892-1510.

Ervin Tucker is recovering from his injuries which include a broken hip at the Green Park Nursing Home in St. Louis, MO. For the first time in weeks, he was visited today by his long time friend, Kenny. If you are in the area or you have the time and means, please send your well wishes his way. He loves to read.

9300 Green Park Rd
St Louis, MO 63123
(314) 845-3700

Ervin Tucker Found! 87 Year Old Abuse Victim Located

My Grandfather was found.  He is here:

Green Park Nursing Home

9300 Green Park Rd
St Louis, MO 63123
(314) 845-3700

My mother is going to be talking to him soon!

Affidavits Being Taken In Case of Missing 87 Year Old Ervin Tucker, St. Louis, MO Area

May be good news.  The case worker has called Ervin Tucker’s friend to get an affadavit, a sworn statement.  Will post more information as soon as it becomes available.

An Update On Ervin Tucker, 87 Year Old Grandfather Missing in St. Louis, MO

For those on twitter, this is exactly what I was hoping for by pleading for help on twitter.  I have received much of my support through twitter.

James Karl Buck’s experience suggests that Twitter would be good for field workers and their support staff back home. One important facet of Twitter is that anyone can pick up your stream, and if it’s interesting, you may get an awful lot of people listening in: People who can answer questions and provide timely aid. (Twitter is apparently also used by journalists to float ideas with their fans–free market research, in effect.)

First of all, I would like to give a big thanks to those who have helped me by spreading the word either on their sites or through their networks. Those people include:

Bad Bad Ivy

Big Orange Michael


Kathy T.

News Coma

Your help has been truly valuable in getting this message out.

We now have a case worker with Elder Care, a government organization that is specifically designed to help the elderly people, working on tracking Ervin Tucker down. She has certain rights to information that we cannot get.

When last I updated, I mentioned that the police went by and no one was home. No change there. This is, however, reassuring in that we believe he may be in a hospital or a rehab center because of his broken hip and if this be the case, is getting better care than he would be at home.

As I continue to dialog with my mother, more and more details are being revealed about the alleged abuse coming from his wife and his step-daughter. Although the wife has played her role in the abuse and neglect, we also suspect that she might be a victim herself of elder abuse. I hope all details will be revealed and all parties get the justice that should be coming to them.

We are hoping that with the right legal intervention, we can get my 87 year old grandfather out of his current situation and into a more loving and stable environment. My mother spoke to one of his long time friends yesterday who said he would call to check on Ervin Tucker and the wife would tell him that it was not any of his business. I imagine he is feeling quite alone. As soon as I find out where he is, I will post here. Perhaps, if you are in the area, you might pay him a visit. Maybe a girl scout or boy scout troop leader will be reading this and rally the troops to go cheer an old man up?

With HIPPA laws these days, if there is any advice that I can give you about your loved ones, it is to be prepared. Keep record of SSNs, have living wills and stay in touch with the elderly. I, admittedly, have been so wrapped up in my own life that I have not been in contact with my grandfather for years. I am ashamed that I have left so much time pass. Don’t make the same mistake.

Elderly Grandfather Still Missing: An Update On Ervin Tucker, 87, St. Louis, MO Area

Care for the elderly?  Have a blog or website?  Twitter?  Post this message wherever possible.

HIPPA rules have made it difficult to find out where my grandfather may be in St. Louis.  Compounding the difficult situation is the fact that I am in Tennessee and my mother is in Florida.

My grandfather, Ervin Tucker, is an alleged victim of elderly/domestic abuse and neglect.  He has reported to my mother that he had been kicked, his cane taken away, his hearing aid not fixed and his personal pictures removed from the walls of his home.  He owns property and the family is selling off the timber without his permission and his wife is allegedly trying to have him declared incompetent, no doubt to seize his assets.

He fell, allegedly, and broke his hip and was put in a hospital somewhere which we do not know.  I suspect in the St. Louis area.  My grandfather is 87 years old and his last conversation with my mother mentioned that he was thinking of suicide.

I am looking for Ervin Tucker in the St. Louis area.  White male, 87 years old.  In his earlier years he resembled Clark Gable.  While I won’t disclose their full address, I can tell you that they are living on Liberty Street in the south side of St. Louis.

I called the south patrol police department yesterday and sent a police officer by to do a welfare check.  No one was home.  The neighbors report having seen the wife but not seeing him and the children in the neighborhood report having seen the woman leaving earlier.

If anyone in the healthcare industry is reading this and you recognize that name as a patient, why don’t you leave an anonymous comment?  It isn’t hard to do.

Email me at dailydiablogger AT gmail DOT com if you know the wherabouts of Ervin Tucker, 87 year old white male, St. Louis, MO.

Spread the word and help an old man.